Before and After – How Staging Sells Homes

Open houses, local advertisements and online coverage often top the list for ways to sell a home. But home staging should take priority.

Home staging typically provides a 586% return in investment, according to a Home Gain Survey in 2009. In the real estate industry, it’s widely known that staged homes often sell in half the time of non-staged homes!

At Delcher & Delcher, we determine whether or not a home would have a chance of selling faster if it were staged. Then, we act as the liaison between the homeowner and the staging company. We oversee the finished staging to be sure the home conveys a certain feeling. We also “tweak” a few things in the home to enhance the chances of selling more quickly.

Home staging should make your house look bigger and brighter. A professional stager’s job is to create a welcoming mood by arranging furniture, displaying knickknacks, draping window coverings or adding unique elements to shelving, bookcases and mantels. The idea is that potential homeowners will see themselves in your home – making coffee in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room or sleeping in the master bedroom.

Most buyers have difficulty visualizing how an empty home will look with furniture. Unfurnished homes can sometimes look smaller than they are and buyers have no point of reference for furniture scale.

Home staging is very important in today’s market – whether it is staging with the existing homeowner’s furniture or staging an unfurnished home. In the Lowcountry, more so than the rest of the country, sellers are competing with homes that are either professionally staged or second home situations in which the homeowner is not in town and the home looks staged.

  1. Donna McCarty says:

    I agree, Linda! We sold our Atlanta home quickly because it was staged by a local company and it looked beautiful and welcoming.

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