Keep Emotions Out of Selling Your Home


There is nothing more emotional than your home. However, it’s best to take the emotion out when selling your home.

Instead, approach your home as something that is marketable. When you market something, you have to think about the potential buyer’s point-of-view.

This means you need to de-personalize, so that the house appears to be anyone’s house.

Duke University conducted a survey to determine how strongly people feel about these principles when staging a home. The participants rated the principles on a scale of 1-7. These topped the list:

  • Remove personal items: 6.5
  • Use rooms for intended purposes: 6.49
  • Remove evidence of pets: 6.48
  • Turn on all the lights during showings: 6.39
  • Show homes furnished (as opposed to empty): 6.39
  • Remove personal photographs: 6.02

At Delcher & Delcher, we walk through our clients’ homes and provide some of these industry-proven tips:

Clean Up the Clutter

For starters, clean your house to make it “move-in” ready — such as cleaning kitchen counters and hiding the clothing hanging up in the laundry room. Some real estate agents go so far as to clean out half of the contents from the closets.

Then, pack away all of the personal items, such as family photos, clothing, trophies, collections of memorabilia and even toothbrushes. The goal is to make the potential buyer feel like this could be “their home.” Don’t distract them from the buying process with your life’s mementos.

This goes for the outside living space as well. Make sure the front yard looks neat and presentable. Touch up the paint on the front door and shutters.

Don’t Forget to De-Pet Your Home

Eliminate any evidence of your four-legged family members. Make sure water dishes, bags of food, leashes, litter boxes and any other items related to your pets are out of site. Some people are really sensitive about pets. They are not interested in seeing or smelling Fido. Use the king of all vacuums to rid your house of hair — not only the furniture but also the curtains or drapes.

Neutral Tones are the Way to Go

Creating a home for sale where Joe Anybody would want to live requires more than a simple clean-up. If you have burgundy walls, consider switching to more neutral tones that complement any decor. Potential buyers typically want their new homes to be as move-in ready as possible, and they don’t want to add painting to their to-do list.

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